Educational program

Music at the La Folle Journée Festival Captivates More than Seasoned Music Lovers

Thanks to many promotional and educational activities, new listeners of various age are won over for the cause every year. The program of the festival includes Smykofonia [Toddler Philharmonic] concerts, intended for the youngest listeners, aged 0-5. The Labyrinth Event 2012 is associated with the festival and implemented by the Music is for Everyone foundation in cooperation with the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra. It is intended for children and youths in Warsaw schools. This year, artistic workshops at the headquarters of the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra were attended by more than 2700 students.

On the first day of the festival, “Stravinsky Hip-hop” will be performed at 9:15 p.m. in the festival tent. The performance is based on the composer’s “A Soldier’s Tale” and comprises the backbone of the artistic and promotional event organised jointly with students in junior and senior high schools in the Praga Południe district of Warsaw. The schools participating in the program are: the General Jakub Jasiński High School no. 72, the Culinary and Hotel Services School Complex at Majdańska Street, the Agnieszka Osiecka Communications Vocational School and High School and the Bolesław Prus Junior High School no. 19.

Szalone Dni Muzyki
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